Buying all colours of rock, wood and gleam


Request baskets set up for all the above inside the dome at New Leyden Market on Gellis.

Well not quite, as I’m still missing some colours!

If anyone would be kind enough to donate 1 block of any of the colours that you notice are missing, I will be sure to set up a basket with coin so you can sell the rest!

Donation basket at site also.


Are you buying cool blue colored gleam. If so how much. If you are buying refined cool blue gleam, for how much?


No refined, just base rock, wood and gleam.

At the moment I’m buying at 1c for rock and wood and 2c for gleam, I will adjust individual colour prices as I go if need be!


There’s currently 134000c waiting for anyone to come sell basic blocks to me!


Light blue ancient wood is definitely worth a lil more than 1c. Not that i currently have any on hand but being has it’s so little per tree


Quite possibly a few will need the buy prices upped, but will work that out as I go along!

Also, just noticed some of the baskets had no coin in, musta missed them somehow. All filled now.


I have 50 for sell in my shop in the Gyosha Mall…just saying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think I am selling them at 10c


I own the farm that’s linked to ultima and PS lol


I know…but you said you didn’t have any…:smiley:


You were the one to buy me out weren’t ya. Lol


Ahh no. Remember I found it also on the planet?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But I would buy you out and resell it!


I figure that’s what someone is doing. Lol I think I had my price set at 8c