Buying black gleam at dkmall 5k each

5k each

2.2 million in basket (will refill with more coin)


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Keep selling me black gleam
Love you guys

Refilled with more coin, 4 million in basket

Now 2k each to match Ghandy’s price.

-deleted- 1 1 11111111111110 chars

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Awww, ok I guess :smiley:

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Still lookin for that sweet black gleam

When you bump up the price i might sell. :slight_smile:


Yes :slight_smile:

Now 5k each

dang i only have 10k black gleams on me
ah well :grinning:

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Good thing about 10k black gleams is you will still have them at the next gleam bow event :wink:

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I’ll take your 10,000 black gleam