[Buying] Compact rift [complete]

Looking for 1SS of Compact rift

Tell me your price! Looking for the cheapest as possible please

Thanks in advance

Are SS of Lucent gems refined a thing already?


Compact I need them as compact I like the look better as compact haha

I need these asap please!

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one would expect SS of cookies be easier to get, huh?

where is the world going to?

Lucent Cookie world needed ASAP - or are cookies reserved as top tier resource available in future on tier 8 worlds?

Alutech has multiple ss of rift in stock, if money isnt an issue, have a look over there :slight_smile:

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Chilled located off fantasy tree also has assortment of compact refined and deco Lucent

Hand trade available?
I’d say 500c per

As u have 5788 in stock

Making the total of 2.9 mill (rounded up)

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I’m not the owner of alutech :slight_smile:
Just came across their rift earlier, so thought i’d point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

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I’ll be online for a few hours from now

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Sorry stil waking up lol. Thanks

Those the rift you bought off me :grin:. Not that I am complaining, made my money too


Completed thank you