Buying Exo Sand


Looking to buy some Bright Turquoise sand if anyone has any.
50c per block wanting around 900 :slight_smile:


I should have that. Logging on now to check.


Which planet was that from? I store them per exo planet…


Unfortunately it’s stark turquoise that I have. Sorry


It was Gotho


Ok. I can check once I’m back online!


I might have some in the 2nd floor of my shop, go through the green “Exo Goods” portal (in shop you should be able to see it) to get there.


Yikes, and here I am selling it for .5… I had some other colors on my plinth last check, but pretty sure I don’t have any of that one left. :frowning: Still, I might have stashed some in storage, I’ll check this evening, if I have any I’ll edit this to update, would be happy to sell it if so.


How do i get to your shop?
I’ve been so many places this week i’ve totally forgot haha


Where is your shop located?


Elysian Fields on Alder, easiest way is through TNT, other portals in Quebec, Legendville, and a few other places. My exoworld plinths are up against one of the buildings, all blocks from them .5, but only sand left right now, and I think in just a few of the brown-beige shades IIRC. If I do have the bright turquoise, I’ll stick it on there and immediately post here again tonight so you can come grab it. :slight_smile:

I think from now on, now that I built a big storage chamber, I’ll start stashing some of all the exoworld blocks for times like this.


He’s in the gyosha mall down the main strip. It’s around store 15 if I remember correctly. I know he’s next to one of the hallways on the main strip for sure tho. He is co founder of the gyosha mall.


@JaceyLive if you still looking for a smart stack of that sand let me know… I have in my storage :slight_smile:


Pulled my stack of 3c sand I’ve had sitting in a plinth since vandar too. It was off to the side I forgot it was there.

It’s in storage now lol


Ugh, sorry, only sand I had stashed was light red (figured I can always use some pink somewhere!). :frowning: I do have some other blocks stashed if anybody is searching for particular colors, I can check. Like I said, I’m going to hoard the blocks from now on.


If DaOne82 doesn’t take care of you i have 1194 of these.

I threw a bunch of vandar blocks on stands when the planet was here for cheap prices, figuring if there were any takers i would farm some more. No takers and TBH I’ve just ignored them sitting there.

I’ve gone to specifically farm some white rock and black thorns, no other blocks. The sand just got in the way of my mining lol. But this is a good reminder they should just go straight into storage until requested.


That’s the stuff from Gothos. Nice color. I have an extra stack if you need as well.


Hmmm you got me vandar was stark turquoise - mea culpa. I’m out, too.


I’m not online right now, but I will make a basket tomorrow in 'meteor meet finata’


I’m store 17 in the Gyosha Mall, and when you enter my shop there’s a portal inside called “Exo Goods” if you go in there it will take you the 2nd floor of my shop(which has exo sands and things).