Buying Gleam at 1.2c selling for 1.5 Will keep filling baskets. Top down Or Bottom Up gleam mining setup

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Easy way to level up, got two gleam ball setup for easy mining (top down one handed regen bomb mining) and one ball just normally setup. Buying gleam at 1.2, selling at 1.5.

To find us go thru Ultima or TNT to Sohaltin I, then thru the Love portal.



Nice setup. I love farms that allow to directly sell the gleam.
Thank you for creating this.


I sold you a ton of gleam today. Well probably a couple tons :rofl: Mostly on the refinery platform not ulicia. I split it into three colors, and a couple thousand from your farms as well.

If I try and go really fast in your top down setup the little fall kills me in a few rounds, though.

Anyways thanks for the coins and overall a pretty decent setup. Great for someone to just grab a hammer and go to town.

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Yeah i use super potion and no too much reach then you don’t die, its for lazy rather than efficient farming I think. Baskets restocked.

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Been thinking while I farm that I don’t die much so i thought about my technique more. What i do is make sure i drop the bomb dead canter right at the top of the gleam ball then don’t put another down till I’m at the top again, making sure not to throw it. As what kills you is the gleam ball not being fully regenerated then you still get pushed to the top and drop down and die. And if you throw he bombs they can go off at an angle. Once you get into the rhythm it is my fave way of mining gleam and watching youtube…

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I recently re-built a top down gleam farm as well, and even though it doesn’t drop at the top - any time the tool is moving when the bomb goes off things can get weird, for sure. Besides sometimes taking damage, which then often reverts/re-syncs, there’s the occasional pushing to the side and other things.

End of the day it’s why I’ve moved largely to bottom-up where it’s reasonable. For most types of vertically farmable blocks, anyways. It’s more costly on the bomb usage, with the trade that it’s more predictable and also more efficient on the tool as I spend less time hitting floors.

There’s a good spot for this on your farming setup as well, so in the end it wasn’t any problem at all. I’m boxing up another set of deep lavender today then I may spend some time farming directly into your baskets.

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What’s the best way of setting up a vertical mining for a ball? I could set something up on the other ball…

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All you need is to have a solid 3x3 column 2 blocks over the floor. This ball has a good spot on it, the lower ball at the refinery:

There under the northeast corner there’s a 2x2 exposed at exactly head height so if you walk under it, it’s 3x3 as high as you can swing.

11 swings of the hammer for 99 blocks. Since you can only hit up for 11 blocks it’s easy to build a spot into almost any gleam ball, but it can shorten what’s available if you want top-mining on the same ball.

It does cost more bombs as noted but there is zero dealing with weird effects of regen so a little more relaxed on the timing. I’ve found that a top-down farm is pretty stable for about two plots (16 deep) but if you can find a spot for a full three plots in a gleam ball, you’re way under the center of the regen and it tends to push you more to the side.

I found a tree that could do it once but it kicked me out the side nearly every time, and on a gleam ball besides hitting the floor every run (I end up doing this no matter the height) it means you need a larger slide/guide at the top as you’re more likely to arrive off center. And that adds to the tool waste as well as causing some fall damage even if the guide is flat on the ball.

Of course all you have to do is slow down a bit to avoid that but :man_shrugging:

Lately I’ve been watching some old re-runs on Freevee (prime channel). They added some old series I liked. It was great to re-watch Fringe completely. But yeah that’s often when I’m farming gleam or trunk, as well.


I also really liked this duo/couple Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson :+1:

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Have altered the lower farm to make it better for bottom up mining.

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Now i can mine there with the builder of the area if i mine bottom up.


I have setup a few baskets by the lower gleam-ball with the now bottom up mining setup.

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Do you mean due to a different skill set, or are you talking about two players at once?

I meant i wont hammer out the floor as its bottom up.

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Oh yeah that’s a benefit, for sure.

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Here is the new setup for the gleamball bottom up mining:

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Nice - complete zone-out enabled :rofl:

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I tried mining bottom up, and while it saved me some hammer wear it got me allot less gleam. On a good run mining top down I get 30k gleam per fast potion, on the bottom up session i got 22k gleam.

Ill test again tomorrow about how much it saves in durability, and not taking a break to drop off as it is defiantly easier to mine bottom up as you have to pay less attention.

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Running sapphire and mega fast I’m usually close to 30k per brew. 28+. Depends a little on distraction level and how long it takes me to drop gleam when I’m full.

The durability thing isn’t huge, I just point it out because it helps balance the other impact.

The big win for me overall is that consistency increases with fewer problems to watch for. There’s less impact if you miss a beat or overlap your tool use with your bomb drops. It’s also super easy to get going in random spots (for different planets/colors).

I’ve been doing it that way long enough now I forgot about the convenience of being able to use your own farms :rofl: For top down setups though you can use closed storage with an item in it - you can’t break through that. The view through the floor of your gleamball is awesome though, chests wouldn’t allow it.

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Farmed some gleam for the first time in a few days. I stored the first six rounds separately so I could get a count.

  • 28181
  • 29394
  • 28755
  • 29431
  • 29601
  • 29241

On the first round, I started on the wrong skill page :blush: I don’t worry about wasting bombs any more, just let them flow.

Aaanyways there’s another bump for you. I see the baskets are loaded with coin I’ll be by.

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