Buying Gleam for 2000c each

Hey everyone!

I’m buying all colour gleam, some are priced as little as 0.5 and others go up to 2000c for the ones I really need. These baskets will get stocked accordingly to my demand. I’m currently stocking all baskets again, the ones that aren’t 2000c are either current planets or I have enough gleam for my project I’m doing.
Be sure to pop on over and check to see if you can make some coins!

(Prices are getting changed right now, maybe give it an hour or 2 until all prices are set)

Will be at least 1million in coins in the baskets for sure!

All Signs Should Say “BUYING ALL GLEAM”

Locations are as follow:

PS Lamblis East Side 1st Floor
DK Tree (Eresho) West Side Top Floor
Jacey’s Shopping Mall (Out The Front North Side)
99c Store (Eresho)

Updated all baskets.

Currently buying 561 gleam at 2,000 each
That’s not counting all the other gleam below 2,000c each.

That’s over 1Million coins!

Be fast because once the baskets are filled the price will drop to 20c each as it’s not NEEDED for my project but will be stocked for the future exo’s

I wish there was an easier way to locate and sell the gleam blocks. The baskets don’t say what the name of the color is and I can’t just look at the color and make a proper match. I had alot of gleam to sell but gave up after trying to do a proper match to each block. Ugh

They are signs on the North Wall above with all colours and numbers @deenw

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