Buying Hopper Cores 560c each

Hey all, I’m buying hopper core trophy’s for 560c each
Basket is in Jacey’s Shopping Mall located in Eresho.
600,000+ coins in the basket


Can’t believe that’s the going price for these, last time I bought any they were 300c max…

And I just noticed the other day I’m gonna need to go get some, running low for making vigour catalyst (which I’m almost out of as well) :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

That must’ve been a loooong time ago :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, 560 is (no offence jacey) cheap. You’d be lucky to find them in any decent quantity (20+) for under 600.

We just need more hunts. Hopper core, hopper eyes and oort supplies are drying up really fast.


Yeah, I bought loads, only just running out!

Need to work out if it’s better just buy vigour catalyst :man_shrugging:

I miss the days when they sold for 3k

Forged gear was more expensive back then too tho.

I remember finding my first half decent forged diamond hammer for only 28k and thinking it was a deal.

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3k each here we come :smiley: The demand is dwarfing the supply.

Wouldn’t mind prices going up. Haven’t sold one for well over six months and the stockpile just keeps on growing.

Will be interesting to see how much more expensive forged tools become, pretty much every ingredient is going up in price atm.

Yeah I am already thinking of upping my prices…

Now if only spitter eyes were still best for forging!

Great price considering most sell for 300 each!

I dont believe they are worth 600. But with the lack of T6 hunt maybe the price has gone up. Idk.

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Mine sell at 500c pretty regularly

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havent bought any lately.

Please do!

I’ve kept pretty good track of them as the market has gone along- I host hunts and sell 100% of my drops from the hunt and Hopper Cores have consistantly gone up in price for the last like 4 months- there are less and less T6 hunts going on.

That being said- BobBuilder is hosting a hunt Thursday night (tomorrow approx 10:30 PM CT) on Shedu if I’m not mistaken

Why aren’t tier 6 hunts populair anymore? Too hard?

The answer to that is complicated honestly.
The problem started with the deco crops being added and suddenly I was getting less Oort from T6 hunts then I was getting off of T4 hunts- same meteor counts even but I consistently had less Oort from the higher tier hunts.
On top of that- the community changed, a lot of veterans have been taking breaks and it’s been a lot of newer players (5< months) so the higher tier hunts got a little more expensive to run because I use higher tier gear and go through gear quicker fighting those planets.
It’s also why I’ve gone just to platform hunting as imo it’s still the most efficient way to run a hunt- and being on a T4 allows me to really more properly introduce some of these newer players to hunting while at the same time getting just as good if not better rewards from the meteors? That’s the bigger win in my opinion.

I’d hunt T6 planets if I knew I’d have a good sized group that will really fight the meteors.

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