Buying hunt materials, gleambow gleam and goo!

Buying lots of stuff! Hand-trade only. Happy with just about any amount :slight_smile:

hopper cores (850c)
hopper eyes (110c)
spicy beans (35c)
bitter beans (120c)

I’m also looking to buy lots of goo. If you’ve been gathering for a while, but not using the goo, i might even be interested in buying your entire collection! Price for the entire collection will depend on what colors and quantities you have, so don’t expect a full price for it. Happy to negotiate though :slight_smile:

If you’re only interested in just selling some colors, i’m looking for:

Paying 100c each:
Night Orange
Shadow Mustard
Dark Grey
Shadow Yellow
Shadow Turquoise
Dark Turquoise
Shadow Cerulean
Night Fuchsia
Cold Slate
Cold Tan
Cool Grey
Luminous Azure
Luminous Blue
Luminous yellow
Weary Mustard
Luminous Red
Weary Yellow
Weary Teal

Paying 150c each:
Night Green (current exo!)
Dark green (current exo!)
Ashen Taupe

And to top it all off, i’m looking for gleambow gleam!

  • Ashen Taupe
  • Shadow Orange
  • Luminous Yellow
  • Shadow Cerulean
  • Luminous Tan
  • Luminous Moss
  • Bright Taupe
  • Crisp Lime

5k each block, looking for roughly 100 blocks each!

Will be on most of the day today, so happy to hand-trade all day long!

Updated some buy prices! Hand-trading almost any amount :slight_smile:

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Updated prices again, now also buying goo!
Very interested in night orange goo from the current exo!

Might have to clear out my extensive and totally unloved goo collection. What is the price you are paying for night orange

I’ll PM you :slight_smile:

Still looking for lots of goo kernels! Willing to buy collections too!

Updated my goo prices. Buying up to 150 for specific colors!

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Willing to negotiate on price if you have larger quantities :slight_smile:

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Added goo from the current exo, buying at 150 each handtraded!
Also setting up a request basket at my main store, where you can drop them any time, for 140 each!

Will be buying dark cerulean goo from the new exo, 150 each!
If you have 300 or more, i will offer you 175 each!

Basket is set up at my main store in the middle of the portals, if you dont want to hand-trade :slight_smile:

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Since my connection on non-aussie planets is shot, please sell me your goo! Apart from a generous coin offer, you will also earn my eternal thanks <3

Merged my gleambow buying with this topic.

Also buying lots of goo from the new exo! Contact me for deals on larger amounts of goo!

Also interested in buying goo-collections. Gathered goo buy are the kernels now gathering dust? I’ll make you a spicy offer!

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head over to Jaceys Shopping Mall, i have a huge selection of Goo on shop stand, check it out and let me know what your price is for all of it :smiley: No longer need it :slight_smile:

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Great! I won’t be home for another 10 hours, but i’ll definitely check it out! (hope the good stuff hasn’t been picked clean by then :P)

Hey suji, you still on an buying dark cerulean for 175?

Sure am :slight_smile: literally in bed as its nearly 1am, but i’ll buy any you have tomorrow! If you get impatient again, theres a request basket set up at my main Suji’s (right in the middle of the portals) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Buying goo from the next exo, best prices in the universe!
Also buying more gleambow colors! Can’t trade, but happy to pay premium prices :slight_smile: looking for up to 100 each!

Bump, updated some prices!

Updated my gleambow prices. Happy to haggle!

Also interested in refined gleam of the mentioned colors, for a slightly reduced price :slight_smile: