Buying - Max range + Max Glow Emerald Grapples

Anyone sell these in their shop? Not too worried about the 3rd boon.

I could make some up if you haven’t found any yet.

None yet, how much would something like that run for you to make? I have not bought them in ages, just running low on the stash someone made for me several months ago.

Let me try a few and see what they cost. With glow they shouldn’t be too expensive. No more than 5 or 6k I’m sure. How many would you be looking for?

10 of them is a good start if thats ok

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Sounds good. I’ll start on them now

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I went with projectile speed for the third boon and they came out to just under 5k each if that works for you? They’ll be done setting in about 1hr45min : )