Buying Oort @228c

Hey all my Oortian peeps! I hope everyone is ready for the holidays! :snowman_with_snow::snowflake::snowman:

I am buying Oort today! If you need some extra coin, please come visit my baskets! I have coin in three locations at the moment.

300k in The Witches Brew in Trior. Get there via Legendville Mall, Naughty Mall, PS Biitula, and The Witches Brew Eresho lower level.

300k at Easy Money my request basket kiosk, located in iLLumiNaughty Village.

And 135k in my basket at my base in Kindred Bay HSE on Sorissi. (Upper level).

I’m also buying several other items at the Easy Money location, and I also am buying Adrenal Glands at 145c at all three locations as well.

Thanks in advance! :blush:
You can get to the Village and also to my KB base from The Witches Brew on Trior location.