Buying Raw waxy earthyam

Anyone selling these

Not currently, but I can gather a load of them this evening if you still need them

Had a few hundred in my shop this. Morning. Ps bittula 3rd floor by Sparta

Yes for sure I’m needing them pm me your shop location

Shop name?

Recoils shop :slight_smile:

I’m on alnitans. Called portalis observatory, and you can find my portal on the aquatopia serp hub next to the diamond mines. Or you can see my big observatory dome across the water from the PS hub on alnitans.

Or I can hand trade them to you, but I dont have any up for sale at the moment. I can gather and hand trade them later if you are on. How many are you needing?

Thousand at least

Shimmering lamella shop, portal is near the tree at ultima hub, come pay me a visit :smiley:

What are folks selling them for? I’ve got a few baskets set up around for 45c each. They either sale out over night or take a few days to fill then over night again.

I sell for 35 at my place… author doesnt seem to want them anymore though =( 580 are still on the stand

With the new instant atlas, surface resource gathering should be way easier! I’ll come drop a few when I’m back on

35c to 45c makes sense to me, they always seem to sell at either end.

Your shop portal isn’t open

Yeah… stated to move my shop today. It’s gonna be down for the weekend now. Moving to xa. I’ll put updated portal locations on the forum once in back up and running

I have a public farm for these/exotic attached to the ultima hub in shedu… just break the mud.

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They drop from mud? Interesting. What’s the % chance?

I use a 3x3 and get one every hit

really you get that many, gotta try that out, needs loads of mud anyways for damned bricks lol

yeah, I recommend speed potions.

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