Buying Rough Oort. 50k up for Grabs


Like the title says. I’m buying Rough Oort Stone and there’s a Request Basket Locked ‘n’ Loaded with 50k upstairs in my shop “R3D’s” located in New Leyden (formally, Gellis Prime). I’m paying 170c per stone. I refill this basket at least once every two weeks for your future reference and consideration when selling.

Find R3D’s via Portals in Ultima Mall’s 3rd floor, Red Level of Ultima HQ’s shopping ring, R3D’s of Trung and R3D’s of Dzassak. (More details on those last two when I’ve managed to complete the builds).



Well, that was quick!

The basket has been emptied. Thank you to whomever just sold me their Oort. Much appreciated!

I’ll post here again when I’m ready to buy more and have refilled the basket. :slight_smile:


It’s that time again and Uncle Oort wants YOU! I mean… Oort wants your Uncles, or… I dunno, ah, nevermind!

The Rough Oort Stone Request Basket at ‘R3D’s’ has been refilled with another 50k and I’m still paying 170c per stone. Details on how to find R3D’s are in the Original Post above.

Thanks in advance once again, my fellow Oortlings. :slight_smile:

Well, that was quicker than the last time lol.

I just got the notification that the funds are gone. Thanks once again to Whomever sold me their juicy Oorts! They shall be shown love. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ll post here again when I’m ready for another batch. :slight_smile:


Shame you can’t see who your buyers are. Not sure what the implications of that would be …


That would be cool if you could, It would be nice to see who the regulars are etc. Maybe somewhere down the line, it could be added as something you could opt in for as a customer. Maybe an option to show or hide your ID when trading via stands? It would probably warrant a new ‘Privacy Settings’ tab in the main Settings window? I dunno, just thinking out loud, but it would be a cool addition imho. :slight_smile:


Guess what… Coin Basket has yet again been filled with 50k Requests! Wait… What?

ehem… Take Two :

Guess what… Request Basket has yet again been filled with 50k Coins! I’m offering 170c per stone.

Bring your juiciest Rough Oort Stones because this will be the last request until my relocation from Gellis to ‘World X’ is complete. Yep, R3D’s will be shutting down on Gellis but will be back bigger and better on another world. I’ll let you all know about it when I close and reopen.

For now though, it’s business as usual! Details on how to find R3D’s are in the OP.

Thanks again!


Heh! You too huh? A change of scenery might do you good I think it most certainly will me!


Yep. Exactly that! I’ve been thinking of a change of scene for a while. Starting now seems like as good a time as any. Hopefully we’ll both be able to find our fun again. I have high hopes! :slight_smile:


I just accidentally, maybe, on purpose dropped another 50,000 coin into the Rough Oort Stone request basket. I’m so accident prone.

So, quickly bring your Oort to the basket before I accidentally, maybe, on purpose pick it up again. Take advantage of this struggling old man while you have the chance! :weary:

As usual, I’m offering 170c per stone.

EDIT: I’ve moved the Request Basket downstairs for your convenience. Truth be told, this old man was having difficulty getting up and down all those steps.

Now, be a good Oortian and head to Ultima Mall - Finata, Head through the portal on the 3rd floor and sell an old man your juicy Rough Oort Stones. :slight_smile: