Buying your gleam

Hey All my shop is called “Buying All Gleam”

Buying all gleam 1c each.
Obviously with the way the gleam sphere’s are now it’s very cheap to farm gleam.
In comparison to Serp gleam sphere the prices of that are below 1c each.
A lot of people have planets open to the public and with the rotations each month they will be more colours available.
I’m buying gleam at 1c each most baskets with 5k coins and some with 10k coins.

How to get here, you ask?

Very simple.

  1. Jacey’s Shopping Mall, Eresho
  2. TNT Gleam Farming HUB
  3. Ultima shopping portals, Eresho
  4. Rivertowns Hub West side

Once baskets are filled they won’t be getting restocked anytime soon as I’m mega skint right now.

Thanks :blush:


Night Azure and white baskets practically empty sorry :grin:

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Don’t need to be sorry haha it’s great news!

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All these new gleam planets, surely someone wants to make some coins :wink:

Buying any excess gleam 1c each
Baskets in my shop called “Buying All Gleam”
Now can be accessed from the PURE BLUE gleam farm within the TNT gleam portal hub

Hot Sepia basket restocked

New shop opened same location as last time, 2mil coins available in baskets