C.⭕.R.E. Hunt tonight 11pm EST/8pm PST

Hunt Masters- C.:o:.R.E. JDGroat

4 1/2hrs from now (11 EST / 8 PST)

Planet: Delta

Best Weapon: all and we sell everything at the hunt meet( available at market)

Protection Required: lvl 4

New platform hunt!

Last about 1.5hrs

We will have few pre hunt giveaway items

Discord available to listen to the beats!

Meet up in the C.:o:.R.E. market, portals to the C.:o:.R.E. market are in TNT hub located in the mall section or go through the delta portal, but can also be found through gyosha mall, RTG, EZPZ, Sydney, Brown town pretty much everywhere and if you want to add to this list let me know.


Accessible from dkmall :blush:

I’ve never done a hunt. Is it okay for inexperienced players to join?

of course! just be aware if you dont have health skills your gonna want some revive brews and weapons :smile:

Cool beans. Any suggestions on items to bring? For fighting healing etc.

tonight hunt’s on delta cancret, so any type of slingbow would work as weapon :D. you’ll also want a looter (anything forged with magnet/attraction). optionally some healing bombs, revive brews. you can also bring invigorating pies or shielding pies to make yourself tankier. revive augments can be used to revive others with any totem.

these hunts are very beginner friendly and there will be plenty of people to heal you/revive you :slight_smile: .

(you need 1 point in volatile protection on your skill page to breathe on delta )


Feeling slow. At the core market and there are folks here but have no clue what to do.

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Very cool all. Thanks!