Cakewatch #1: Oort Polycraft Turbulenz Miss Take Cake

We made a cake (complete with 3D print topped statue) for our current and past projects featuring Oort Online, Polycraft, The Marvellous Miss Take and Turbulenz.


Do you deliver out of house? XD

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Just wonderful looking ;D

:cake: Oort Cake :cake: yum!


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damn you now i am hungry again.

I’ll buy all the oortian ranks for it


Suppose you could call that “putting your money where your mouth is”


Beautiful. Symbolic. Allegorical. Fantastic. Rivetting. Oort.

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This reminds me of the Guild Wars 2 headstart. Nothing worked. GW2 servers crashed all 20mins and the GW2 Facebookteam posted pictures while they were eating cakes. I hope this wont happen here :stuck_out_tongue:
I honestly hated them for this :smiley:

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Hey, even devs gotta eat… let them eat cake?

the cake is a lie

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spooky, I just posted EXACTLY that in another thread… talking about cake… What’s happening!??

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