Call me Mr. Nice Guy

So, tonight, in between the lag I came across a few new PS4 players. Some were brand spankin new, and some were leveled a bit and more familiar with the controls.
The first one couldnt “talk” yet, but I gave her some food and the extra stone tools my forge character was carrying. I meant to give her a grappling but she ran off before I could.
Then, after dying a couple times on Alcyon(which I like waaaay better than Serp) I met another PS4 guy fresh from a different planet. He traversed my maze and I awarded him a forged iron hammer. After talking a bit he mentioned maps so I gave him a couple of my atlases and told him about their function.
The last guy came upon us in mid convo and asked about buying a single tech component, so I gave him 5(knowing he’d need them eventually). The 20 coin footfall was enough payment for me. :wink:


Bryethewizard the saint of boundless :innocent:


You shouldn’t feed them otherwise they’ll just keep coming back for more … oh no wait, that’s cats :smile_cat: … good job :grin: …We all need to keep spreading the good will and hopefully they’ll go on to help others who’ll also do the same and it will just spread like wildfire :grinning:


Cats are cool too. Maybe they’ll settle near me and can pet them :joy::joy::joy:
I try to be helpful when I can is all.


Cats are the best :grin: