Callahan Farms

So since being ousted from the World Block Museum by Callahan Auto I decided to do some farming. Well wouldn’t you know it…they decided they wanted to own my farm also. :roll_eyes:

The ownership wanted me to put some things for sale so grudgingly I have done so.

The farm is easily accessible from Aquatopia. You can get to Beckon many ways but the TNT Megahub portal is nicely located:

Then you go here:

When you get to the Farming Initiative you go in this portal:

All the stands are in the big red barn:

Or you can just go to the planet MaryX and run for it!:crazy_face:

If no one buys anything at least I can tell the owners I tried and maybe they will leave me alone for awhile.

If you do buy things, well I will keep it stocked as quickly as I can.