Calling dedicated shop owners!


Thrilloilogy. Food, Brews, Tools & Weapons

Location: Head to the Boori Portal Seekers Shopping Hub and go through the Thrilloilogy portal located just behind the Xa Frant portal on the 1st shop portal level. If you prefer to use the Aquarius network, head to Aus server hub at Lutrion and then follow the ramp down and the portal is located in the middle of the back wall.


My website has an item catalog for all the items participating shop owners are currently buying and selling:


Does your website update stocked quantities somehow it do shop owners have to manually update?


I’ve tried to add items to your site, but when I search for them there’s no results. For example, I’ve added that I sell cogs to the spreadsheet and clicked on 'click here to update…" However, when I search for cogs at there is no results for sellers.



Shop owners manually update stock.


Make sure the link opens, in sheets click the cell with the hyperlink and then click the box that pops up above the cell. This will open a webpage that displays “shop update successful” after a few seconds of loading. Also items will not show up from shops that have not updated with this link in over 96 hours.


Deens kitchen is awesome! I have a burger in Ultima (finata) north of the portals - stocked daily :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cheers, was just clicking on the cell - didn’t even notice the box popping up.


Shop owners needing to update within the past 96 hours is a great idea.


I will have persisting pie by tomorrow have some loaf now: Pawn Shop


I’m aight :blush:

The first time I walked past the Bcon Burger, I was like, “Woah. Did someone just build a burger as part of their shop design?”

The only thing missing from the design is fries and a coke.


Pofs’ Caveland - Custom Forging Request shop, and general needs. I buy many items as well. Restocked Daily, baskets several times

Biitula PS Hub on top shelf
Kada PS Hub - Pofs’ player portal
Beckon Aqua Embassy Hub - East Hub area - Caveland


Riverwalk Plaza (ultima hq, east wall of green zone) also has active and stocked shops on it and is always looking for more shop owners to open a branch on the property.


All I’m missing is like another 3x3 plots lol. But i was the fool who heeded requests to limit plots back at the start :grin::hugs:


I’ve finally finished building my shop instead of having it partially built lol. As for stock I have an okay amount of stuff right now. I’m still in the process of gathering a big amount of stuff to sell. Have more in the mining floor than I do the others because that’s where I started. But my shop is located in Anvil not to far from any of the main portals that lead there. If you take the one from the clock tower in ultima hq if you more or less travel start for about 20 seconds you’ll find my shop(Fire’s Mini Mart). It’s behind Aridohls giant tower. It is on one of the main roads in Anvil. Sorry I have bad directions at the moment (I’m at work). Once I have time to do another hunt I’ll open a portal directly to it from Ultima. Also note I’m not buying anything yet because I don’t have the funds to do so yet. Building and mining has taken a toll on my funds.


Have 2 shops that are basically the same stock… selling pretty much every base material, and almost every tool/weapon in every flavour from copper to titanium (will add gem eventually). If anything sells out i usually gather/restock within 24 hours.

Bzerk Circus
Location/portals in this thead

On Sorissi… Portals in:

  • ultima hq - lower floor, directly under krafters entry.
  • ps bitula - top floor… think its west… 2x2 so either east or west.
  • ultima tana vii hub
  • legendary hq - or one of the hubs… sorry for the vaugeness not in game to check.


Does anybody know of or own a shop that sells a variety of trunks?


You can check out Little 'Merica Discounts next to west end hub of The United States of 'Merica. I can’t guarantee any regular items as I change it constantly and my stock goes quick cause my prices rock!


Lake shop

it’s by a lake.
Just remodelled.

You can also jump down a tower, take a bath up on high, go through a contaminated garden and my newest attraction for which I haven’t thought of a name yet (maze-like but yet not… Find near bottom of tower jump).