Calling Interior Decorators

Hi there all,
I’m nearing a stage where I will be doing a lot of interior decorating in my current build after recently returning to boundless. I’m looking for ideas and inspiration for plants (potted etc), furnishings and other interior deco to help me out. There’s a lot of new blocks been added that Im just discovering and any help with this would be greatly appreciated as when it comes to interiors I am not overly creative.
Thanks Ando

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I should have said posting screenshots here would be great, also maybe suggesting certain builds to take a look at.


Nice stuff there, very clean, keep em coming

You can make a nice table with a pole and a glass pane on top

You can also make an ok bed with wood and sponge or wood and sand

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Yeah those tables look good for tight little spots

White ice with a yellow or gray gleam sign on top makes a decent wall mirror too

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i kinda want a dk apartment XD But i use luxury ice beds. both squishy like a waterbed, and soft like snow.

These are no longer in game. But at some point I plan on making a showroom to display a bunch of furniture. I got tired of just having it all in the open and started build something else in this location. But here’s a video of some stuff.


Nice George, thanks👍

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