Can diamond slingbows charge or use rapid fire?

Before the last update my diamond slingbow couldn’t charge (with the appropriate skill upgrade) and it also didn’t fire any faster with rapid fire purchased. Has that changed in the latest update?

The clue as to a slingbow’s special abilities are now in it’s name.

Any Slingbow named …

  • “Repeater” uses Rapid Fire (or continuous fire).
  • “Charged” uses charged shot.
  • “Swift” shoots faster.
  • “Heavy” deals more damage.
  • “Balanced” well, you get the idea :wink:

So “Topaz Swift Repeater Slingbow” would be fast firing with rapid fire.
For “Diamond Eccentric Repeater Slingbow” … I have no idea what the Eccentric part does!!

You’ll still need to unlock the appropriate skill to be able to use the special ability though.


The Eccentric attribute means higher base critical chance and higher base critical effect (the amount of damage added by the crit).

*This is from my observation of items currently available with it.


Ah ok, cool … all I got from the dictionary was “strange or unusual, sometimes in a humorous way” :wink:

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Since this latest version you can check the details on items to see a tooltip with more information, if you hadn’t noticed. We could probably figure most of this out before, but at least now it’s explicitly displayed there for anyone to see the stats of the tool/weapon.

I just haven’t figured out what the measure arbitrary action speed is… ms? Higher number is faster, so probably not…

So it can’t do either?

Rapid Fire


Oh duh…don’t know how I missed that. Thanks a lot. :grin:

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I learned the hard way not to use an eccentric hammer when you’re doing finish work on a build. Doh! :persevere:

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The calculations are quite fiddly (because of the effect of the attributes) so it’s actually an arbitrary scale where the higher it is, the faster it is. The highest planned values for 1.0 are 100, but there is nothing in the system to stop it going higher than that.

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