Can I get a estimate


I’m looking for 16 stacks of Ashen Blue Marble can some one give me a estimate on how much so I can save up lol


@Greenheart this is the one I go to for marble, should be able to help.


Thanks for the shout out Bob :grin: I would love to help out but that is too large an order for me. I make everything myself on 1 machine!
I charge 55c per for marble. PM me on Discord and I can try to help by making some for you. Currently working on orders I already have too. :green_heart:


Pfft Pfft Pfft :ok_hand: (^-^)


@ghandymarshall might be able to help you out


Would it be cheaper too buy how ever much super enriched stuff and do last process on my machine?


Where do you get ashen blue metamorphic rock?

EDIT NVM I found it’s sedimentary on minorengle. That’s a lot of change chisels.


Yes, it’s almost always cheaper to buy the materials and put it together yourself.


Sorry, only just saw this @fidach. Always definately cheaper to make it yourself, just time consuming as hell to make all the super bond agent. I manage to make about 400-700 a day and its all used every day- I sell at 79c for gravel/marble etc and cant keep up with demand.

As for 16k block changed, not for me tbh it would just take up too much time to chisel and mean my shop ran empty