Can I get back to my Home/Beacon

I already up and moved all that my little camp had to offer, but when I play the game most likely later tonight. Id like to know if I can sit down and settle somewhere, make my little A-Frame home.
But the thing I enjoy most is exploring, so can I somehow teleport back to my home or am I forever bound to that area because I have my home built. I might just be a nomad if thats what these little aliens are supposed to be.

You can set one of your beacons (if you have multiple) to your “home” beacon, which you can then warp back to free of charge


Ehy, That’s really cool actually. Im glad its set up that way. Free of charge. Just have to name them accordingly to their location, purpose or distance.

Welcome to the game!

Back in 2017/18 I had my home on a flying city.
I imagined how cool would it be if that thing could move.
I would change my location every week or month and be at home on a different planet each time.

This is why I’d love a blueprints system. I’d definitely have a 1x1x1 travel tent/hut that I could drop down where-ever I was!


Sounds pretty nuts, id totally want a cloud city. Higher class aliens live above because they dont need to scroung for resources.