Can I get Boundless on steam for free if I bought it on PS4

I bought Boundless on PS4 in 2018 and I use to play it a lot but my PS4 broke and I got a PC instead and I haven’t played in a while and I really miss the game. I wanted to ask if it’s possible for me to get Boundless on the PC for free since I paid for it on PS4?

You might be able to just log into your wonderstruck account through steam. I can’t remember well.

There are lots of $2(ish) keys floating around since the humble bundle, though.

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As I’ve covered in other posts, the problem is this:

When you buy the game on PS4/5, Sony gets a cut (as much as 40% I believe). Same with buying on Steam for PC. Which leads to this:

Once you buy it for PC, you WILL be able to use your Wonderstruck account. However, because of the aforementioned issue, you WILL NOT be able to access any of your characters, reclaims, gleam club, etc on the PC. You will have to start a new character from scratch. At that point, your best bet is to find a friend with a ps4 that will let you log in on your account. Reclaim what you can, put it in storage, and give your PC character permissions to access it. That way you have at least some stuff to start with…

Edit: This is assuming you were still playing when reclaims were introduced. If you stopped before that, then there’s no point, as there would be nothing to reclaim…not sure exactly when that update went live tho :thinking:


Somewhere in April 2020 :wink: we got reclaime

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You can do a few different things with a wonderstruck account. Spread it around in some different ways. OFC there’s no moving of characters or possessions.

If someone was, unable to login they might have time to mess around.

It’s just that, even when everyone sets boundaries - well sometimes things get weird in a three way.

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