Can not chisel Machined Titanium at all

Can not chisel Machined Titanium at all with any type of chisel…

You’re not hitting it hard enough.

Jk lol, can it not be chiseled?

Must use titanium or gem chisels


I tried. I am going to relog and try again

Still can not chisel it. Tried stone square. Copper Slope. Titanium, and gem chisels.

Just logged on to try and I can chisel machined titanium with various jewel chisels (titanium chisel doesn’t work but think it never has on this mat).
Have you double checked you have chisel epic skill selected?
edit: though don’t need epic chisel for basic shapes even with gem chisels it seems…never knew

Yes I have chisel epic. I have some blocks I slope chiseled a while back.

Is it chiseled with another chisel and you are trying the wrong type of chisel?

I just tried my characters that both had and didn’t have the epic and I was able to do it on both with low grade chisels like stone even.

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Yes I tried I have no idea what is going on. guess I will try to chisel it again a few weeks from now.

The backs of the blocks haven’t been chiseled already have they?

OK Titanium chisels do not work on Titanium only gems. so Titanium is a gem. surprise!

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That sounds very strange, maybe if you put the coordinates on here a Dev would check it out if they get a spare moment, could be a bug.

Same with me. Only gem chisel works

Sorry for the necro but is this a bug? only just come across the fact that I need a gem chisel for titanium…

Working as intended I think.

Titanium has always been high end chisels. They all pair with each other pretty much. Can’t use low grade chisels on high grade materials. That’s why I usually stick to gem chisels so I never have to run around and switch


And using gem makes one nice stack of chisels to do everything including type change, lattice, and undo.


You should be able to chisel titanium with a titanium chisel IMO.


There’s only 1 type of titanium anyway. So not like you’d be getting much design choices out of that. Also in terms of hardness they are the same. Wouldn’t be very easy to actually pull that off without damaging both in ways you wouldn’t want. Course that’s in real world applications. Which Wonderstruck does seem to like to follow

Huh? Compact refined machined circuit filigree