Can people give me some farm hub locations and how to get to them

As the title suggests it would be nice to have somewheres to know what farm hubs there are and how to get to em

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Go to TNT Mega hub, Look in the middle of the Sov section for a portal labeled Valhalla… go though that portal, then look for a new portal called Farms… go though that and you are there…

See this sign that says “halla”… its not a type of food thats the portal


Also Black and Blue farm hub at TNT as well as TNT Tosche Farm hub. Both on bottom level at end opposite the T5-T6 network. There are a few more if you look around the hub on the upper levels
GTG has some some portals too at their hub and RiverTown has some too. I think the Reapers have some too. The Reapers have a connection thru Tosche farm hub


T3 world Chromis I, available via TNT sov wall, has several farms available. Gleam, gravel, glacier, lustrous and sand regen farms available. All but sand have portals.
Lots of flowers available for regen farming as well, just not closed in.

Colors change monthly.


As @ChaosMkr1122 mentioned … been a while since I updated the forum post though.


Available via TNT farm hub and TNT high tier network. Description explains.


PS. Can somebody check if the portals are still alive? I did not play for a while now…


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