Can someone please give me good ideas for builds?

I love building As much as any other (maybe even more) but one thing is for sure it’s like everyone already made every build possible and I can’t think of any thing cool.However (diffarent topic) I hope that they would ad pistons and levers ecs in the future, who knows maybe they’s busy with that as I type.Anyway back to the point I saw Wonder full and AMAZING creation on boundless but I feel left out as if someone near and dear to me died.


Underground catacombs

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There are awesome (but rare) islands on Lleb! You could build a island town or something like that there. Or a temple. Wanted to do that too but never got around to it :confused: if you need help be sure to message me! I’m currently installing windows 7 again so it could take a while :stuck_out_tongue: (For some reason I really hate 10)

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I say they’ll put something much better into Boundless than pistons.

Build a titan.


One thing ive always wanted to do is build a giant kraken ripping apart a ship.


Build an airship


I shall do so but for me it’s going to have to wait for tomorrow unfortunately + thank you for the idea I’m highly considering it.