Can the game work with Macbook Air?

I play Boundless on PC and love it! My partner wants to play the game too and I am trying to determine if her Macbook Air can run it before we buy a second copy. I don’t know anything about Macs so my best way to see if it would work was to install steam on her computer, login with my information, install and try to launch the game.

The game started right up which was happy but when it got to “Myrna is logged in” the apple spinning wheel popped up and the whole computer froze. It can’t get past the login screen so I can’t even set the settings lower to see if that is the problem. I am trying to figure out if I can’t get into the game due to an error, or due to computer specs being too low. As I am not a computer savvy person, here is all I know to tell you:
MacOS Majave Version 10.4.6
Model A1932
1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 (but has a turbo boost to kick it higher. Do I need to turn it on?)
8 GB ram
Intel UHD Graphics 617 1536

Am I trying to run the game on a completely incompatible computer or should I continue to try and work this out? Thank you for being patient with me and helping me.

I cant say if itll actually play or not, but w/ the CPU in it, and graphics setup, IF it were able, she wouldnt have fun and it would run that laptop to its max

hmm, I was afraid of that which is why we were trying to test it out first. I appreciate your response.

Unfortunately there’s some issues with mac. I haven’t managed to do much of anything on mine. I have a super old mac so that could be the reason but from what i’ve read there’s also something going on on Apple’s side that Apple needs to fix (but likely wont)


If yall happen to shop for a PC or need PC spec info, feel free to inbox me.
I aint sure exactly what is minimum to run it, but I can help answer questions on what I know will.

That CPU in that macbook is super low GHz. and being a the graphics setup it is (built into the CPU) it shares a lot of the CPUs memory which makes it even worse when gaming.

Ah- I hadn’t thought of that aspect. Thank you for the PC information offer, I will be sure to message you if we go for the upgrade! Cheers!

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I am sorry you can’t get your mac to run the game either. I hope you have another platform in which to run the game as it is oh so much fun :slight_smile:

Boundless requires a dedicated GPU.

However, you can test Boundless on the Mac without purchasing another copy. Simply install Steam, sign in as yourself, install Boundless (as you already own it) and give it a try.

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I already play on ps4 so i’m good lol. Eventually i’ll get a new computer and i’ll have boundless already on my steam

That is the exact thing I did :slight_smile: - I did not know about the dedicated GPU requirement. I think that pretty definitively answers the question tho as @Unciviled pointed out my GPU is integrated.
As a side note… am I talking to an employee? …I feel so honored. <3


Oh yeah, that’s James! He is famous here, and he wears pants. Not the rest of us though.


:rofl: Fantastic!

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And you did it in your first post. The Oort has blessed you :joy:

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You know, that’s a good question. I have the 2018 MacBook but didn’t try to play the game on - I keep it for work. I have an Asus gaming laptop for that. When you say MacBook, you say business, and that’s why I love it. It’s super easy to work with it, it’s fast and it’s light. I could work on my Asus of course but it is so damn heavy and my job requires me to move a lot. You know, MacBook. can be complicated at the first look, but then, when you get deeper into it, you’ll feel like being bound to it. A very good guide on the MacBook keyboards I found on Typing faster and using short cuts will certainly increase the productivity of every person and MacBook have a lot of them.

It’s trash on macs. My gf has one of the best Mac laptops. They have integrated gpu . Boundless requires a dedicated card. Couldn’t even get out of the portal from sanctum.

Don’t some macs have a gfx card? I wanted to get my sister on boundless but she’s a Mac person.

Isn’t there steam for Mac?

Does playing on Mac involve WINE (or the Mac equivalent)? Basically could a non IT person just run it? Or is it tricky

There is a Steam Clint for Mac, only problem are often they bad optimized Games

the problem on Macbook Air and Pro 13 is the slow and Thermal / TDP limited Intel integrated Graphic, they aren’t made for graphic intense Games

Most of 21" Imacs, all 27" Imacs and Macbook Pro 15" / 16" form the last few years have dedicated Graphic cards

I have myself a Macbook Pro 15 from 2016 with the Radeon Pro 460
and boundless runs okish (playing when not at home)
and on the new MB Pro 16" it runs mostly well

Ok so it’s not a great experience huh.

on igpu, radeon 450/460/560 yes, it’s not great
with Vega 20 / Radeon Pro 5500M Gpu it’s decent and should run with high settings in FHD, semistable 60fps with a bit of tweaking

I mean with that, that i play at home on my Gaming rig with i7 6 core and 1080ti on an 34" 21/9 Screen(60Hz)

I know I use to try on windows tablets with otger games. They were unplayable but loaded.