Can we fix meteors please?

One of the things that drives me nuts about meteors is the difficulty scaling. Not that the scaling is bad or wrong, but that I can’t tell what the difficulty of a meteor is before engaging.

We have a standard rating system using tiers…

The problem is that this rating system appears to be reset for every planet level, so a T1 on a T1 planet is super easy, while a T1 on a T7 planet will wreck your day.

Why can’t the meteor difficulties stay the same so a T1 on every planet is a T1, so when you look at a meteor you can tell exactly what the difficulty rating is. Then on T7 planets, simply make higher level meteors more common.

This would be a way more user friendly system allowing you to better gauge a meteor before you activated it.


It kinda makes sense though that meteors on a higher level planet would be harder to beat, than on lower tiers planet.


I’m not actually suggesting that we change that. What I’m suggesting is that the meteor level should reflect that. Instead of having a T1 meteor on a T7 planet, you could call it a T5 Meteor, the difficulty wouldn’t be any different, but now the meteor level would accurately reflect it when you are looking at it.

Basically I’m suggesting that the Meteor levels become a universal rating, instead of a planet specific rating. This way if you see a T5 meteor while roaming around you immediately know that’s probably not something you want to mess with solo, where with the current system it ranks it as a T1 meteor which you could easily handle on other planets, but if you pick a fight with a T1 on this planet you immediately get wiped off the face of the planet with the first cuddletrunk shot.

So just to be clear, I’m not advocating any change to the actual difficulty, just to how we rank the meteors so it makes sense and is much more clear at first glance what the difficulty of that meteor actually is.

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The levels on meteors is how large they are which is scaled by the size of the hunting party


I think this would just complicate things further, since the meteor levels would have to go into the twenties or thirties or even higher to accommodate large groups. I personally find it easier to know what to expect as things are right now since it’s just a matter of knowing your limits and going to the appropriate tier. The only benefit I see to this is to make it possible for a new player to hunt alone on high tier planets, which would become frustrating anyways because of the normal mobs they would have to deal with.

That said, I would love to see some new stuff involving meteors. Some people have suggested meteors that burrow deep underground that you would have to dig to get to and could create different underground structures on impact.

World Level defines Difficulty.
# Players defines Size.

Ideally the difficulty would be constant across all sizes.


This would make it so solo players wpuld have super hard time to complete meteors higher tier and then again groups wrecking meteors left and right cause it would scale with planet tier

I consider the planet tier and meteor tier to be Additive.
T2p + T1m = lvl3 (regular meteors dont spawn on t1)
T7p + T1m = lvl 8
So a tier 7 planet’s tier 1 meteor is (relatively) equivalent in difficulty to a t2 planet’s lvl 6 meteor, but solo instead of with a massive party.

Regular meteors do not spawn on T2 planets either… Only T3 and up

Ah, fair nuff, it’s been a long while since I’ve been on a t1 or t2 planet outside of a city!