Can we get some pants?


If you want my money, pants will get it from me.

We can tunnel through time and space to planets across the galaxy, but we lack the motivation to put on some trousers.

Is there a lore reason for the oortians to despise pants? Some dark history where they were enslaved by a pants-loving race? The mere sight of pants is repulsive, and we cast them aside as we did our shackles as a show of solidarity.


They are part of a tribe. Hence the new tribal face/body paint coming soon.


I’m sooo for clothing and it being a new crafting area for people to specialize in. Let’s turn our cotton cloth into pants, tunics, shoes, rugs, etc. The possibilities are boundless! :wink:


they got higly advanced jelly skin like salamanders they also just use travel by skipping dimensions so thet never go into space theres still lots off mysterie in space thats why me @andysav build the temple off the universe and @Prome3us just installed a awesome latest technology telescope near our lab in front off the temple stairs :nerd_face: def need pants since i still cant sit on a chair and my rock coach has no build in heater :wink: @vdragon



Pants are the devil.

Our society (irl) is not ruled by illuminati, rothchilds, mutant penquins, lizard people, or any other of those common misconceptions.

We are ruled by pants.

If you didnt wear pants, your friends and family would disown you. You cant go to christmas lunch without pants. You cant go to grans 90th bday without pants. You simply cant go anywhere without pants.

If you didnt wear pants you would lose your job. You cant walk through the office or rock up to the building site without pants. Even for one day.

Once you lost all of your freinds and family, and your job, you would then be homeless wandering the street with no pants, muttering about how pants ruined your life. This would quickly lead to harrassment from the pants police and incarceration for not bowing down to the pant lords.

Im not going to go into detail of what would happen next, but its safe to assume going to jail with no pants would be worse than the rest of this story.

Pants are the real dark overlord of this world. And if you tried for even 1 day to resist them they will take everything from you.

Even typing this post im worried what pants will do to me. I dont have any faith that we as a society will ever break the oppressive hold pants have over us, but hopefully spreading awareness of this issue will one day lead to a revolution where humans will be able to be free again, both in their hearts and lower halves.


pls devs dont focus on clothes. everything but


Tribes are social groupings, unless it’s being used to infer oortians are primitive…yet advanced tech contradicts that.

Many societies also have paints and tattoos…and also have pants!


but like, what’s wrong with clothing in addition to all the awesome content coming down the line?


i hope they focus on titans not on pants


Come on man, how hard can pants be? This thong/diaper we all wear HAS to chafe!


I prefer ‘loin cloth’ and I’ll tell ya, it’s itchy! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




It seems silly and such a minor thing, but honestly a lot of the ppl irl I talk to who look at this game say the character design and lack of decent clothing are what turn them away before they even try.

We are a vain society who wants to look good.

So I think there is merit in wanting pants. And a good top.


I’m not sure we are even Oortians, the game has given me no information about what I am except that we are part of a colonizing society.


The fact that we have adults in diapers wearing monocles is strange. The skull masks fit with the loin cloths at least.


With the current clothing (or lack thereof) I actually saw a character who put rule 34 in this game with just a few cubit purchases. (Not gonna describe exactly what I saw, but I was very disturbed)


Those degenerates! Lol, i want to see it, but i don’t want to see it. If only we had pants to constrain such wickedness!


Lol, that definitely would have helped.


I’m telling you, the only reason why people play MMORPG’s is to build beautiful looking characters with all of them shiny golden armor pieces.


Gold is tacky.

Silver on the other hand… And a bit of rhinestone for that extra pizzazz! :sunglasses: