Can we get some pants?


I wanna full-body kinetic and impulse armor suit and high-tech gladiator helmet, like Tron. :nerd_face:


As long as they are in game and not cubits.

Nothing more for cubits.


I’ll pay cubits for a kilt.


As long as you’re not going commando!


You have to let the boys breathe!


but the female characters are more male looking than the male characters? my male char got more ‘‘chest’’ then my female alt char hahaha


I think the loincloth/nappy/diapers are far more practical than pants, especially when you get jumped by a gang of mobs that materialise in front of you unexpectedly and you almost cr4p yourself :rofl: plus I’m not sure if pants would suite a rock goblin … It would look a bit like seeing chimps in the wild wearing clothes :joy:


Not too keen on paying for it, but craftable kilts gets my +1


Kilts seem to be a popular choice. Would it be easier for them to add than pants? Could they then just make a longer version for the ladies? Or would the same length work but with different color patterns?

I’m not giving up on my pants tho! On the job site it’s safety equipment! Protection when out in the rough country!

It’s motivational! I can lay around in my loin cloth all day, but when I get ready to do work I put on the pants!


As a Scotsman the idea of in game kilts does appeal to me!

Traditional, modern, utility and full body!


I prefer to be pantless but would love to have armor piece implemented (head, chest, bottom pieces), copper, iron, gold ect armor piece that can be forged the same as weapons and tools.


A pantsless gnome too I see?




I agree - I think if you put the full 5/5 in kinetic and impulse armor/resistance, you should get the basic Tron suit. Then maybe the basic gladiator helmet when you max power and add a warrior type epic. And if you have equal points as above put towards crafting, can craft one of a few basic outfits. As you level up and gain resources, more customizations, like colors, materials too. That’d be more fun from beginning/mid/high level than having to buy cubits and then still have barely any options.


Just style wise, I would definitely lean towards kilts and roman and greek styles.

The most “modern” I’d like would be any steampunk style.


The females could rock the yoga pants.


::starts the pants chant::

pants… pants…Pants…Pants…nothing rhymes with pants but ants…pants…pants


Whatever we call it, I would totally support any piece of clothes at this point. :disappointed: