Can we have a dance button

I don’t care what dances are available I just want to dance in oort.
And just woundering, what dances would people like to see?


We sure will dance one day, but I think its way to soon for that now. Maybe next year.

Dance emote is a must for games, but atleast let us get characters first XD


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i was JUST about to mention it

You know,I thought that was stupid at first,but when you think about it,it would be pretty cool

There are dance buttons
WASD Space & Shift :kissing_heart:

almost every game with human characters have a dance emote if they are the slightest bit up on beat. but it is mainly seen in mmos as a way to express yourself using your character,

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The Nutbush and Macarena!

Dancing DDR style. Too many arrows!

DDR in oort… Why has nobody suggest this yet?

I’m all for it^^

oh god nooooooo. Dancing is like the dumbest thing in any mmo ive ever played. dancing is garbage in tf2, and i love that game. I’d rather just have sound bites and witty comments for an “emote” type thing, thank you very much.

1.TF2 is not an mmo its a multiplayer fps 2. dancing is awesome in mmo’s especially archeage with the way you can walk at the same time and it changes the way you dance

Do it like GW1 did … each Race (they had classes) has an own dance, but it is more then just some simple moves. GW1 had dance animations which took 10-15 secs minimum til they looped :wink:

I wonder if you guys realize how much work even simple animation is… a single simple 10 second dance can be weeks of work to animate.

Noone said it should come immediately^^ Just a suggestion for the future^^
And I would kill for a DDR styled minigame _

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walks up to kuma and clicks on his options

-Dance off

yeah. i could see that being a thing XD

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I’m perfectly aware of how long animations take, I hate the rendering process… but look at the potential for fun!

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