Can we please get some more decor for our houses and buildings

More chair types and tables my a few different banners or different shelve types beds closets different furnaces candles the ability to have stained glass mount creature heads on walls these are just some of the things I would like to see added to add more depth to the interior design aspect of the game


Here’s two posts about more things for our houses with a link to two more on one of the comments in the second link.

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i bet there’s 10 more
pretty obvious we need it dev’s
i suggest furniture build kit like beams but with chairs and tables :smiley:

Oh yea theres a lot more but I wasn’t going to link them all. I just think it’d be better if more people would comment on the other ones so it shows how many people want them that are on the forums. People get tired of commenting on new ones every week so they just don’t.

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