Can you have multiple "Home" beacons?

If I build a 2nd base on the same planet, can I label both as home so they both appear on the compass?

No, only 1 set as home

Only one but from your beacon list you can select the 2nd one and click set as destination. It will then appear on the compass

Nothing happens when I do that.

Any ideas why?

Hmm…it should.

You go to the beacon list in the places menu, click on Set as Destination.

I don’t think anything changes except on your compass there will be an arrow. You wont get a full house icon if you are too far away.

You can only mark one destination at a time.

There’s a bug right now not letting tracking work. At least this afternoon there was. I don’t think they hotfixed it yet.

it was hotfixed on pc, you need to restart and force steam to do it, PS4 coming tomorrow