Can you post updates to Steam Discussions?


I’d like to request that your Community Managers post updates of server shutdowns & restarts (with ETAs) to both this forum & to Steam discussions.

Thank you!


They didn’t even post it on the forum what time it was going down.only showed it in game


This was for the big update. I thought he was referring to the fix that just happened @GreyArt247


That also available at Discord and Telegram possibly.


Maybe I need to post a new thread asking people to start reading posts and/or understand what the post is about before making pointless comments.



if you close your eyes and touch your ears you can sense it :joy:
great sugestion btw :+1:


Pointless comments removed :no_mouth:


Haha. :slight_smile:

It was fine. That’s funny, tho. :):joy:


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