CANCELED: Forging Changes

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Spending way too much time trying to balance this game around mid-level content.


Which game? D3? D3 is still anazing. Thank oortia they got rid of the auction house.


Im a hardcore pvper so dark souls 3 was a major step back pvpwise compared to dark souls 2.

I have several thousands of hours just pvping spread over the games. Average 2 hours a day from fall 2010 to januar 2018. So aporx 5000 hours atleast spread 30% dks 1 50% dks 2 and 20% dks 3.

In dks 2 im more or less undeafetable when im warmed up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I thought you were talking about Diablo. :slight_smile:


Just saw that you mistook dark souls for diablo. But diablo 3 also really suffers from the same.

I mean diablo 2 with the enourmos char building freedom and the uniqness of each build. Compared to the clusteophobic cookiecutter builds that were once only option in diablo 3. The game and especially the char developlent was so insanly linear </3


It seems some stores aren’t selling forged items anymore?
So just the Fear Uncertainty and Doubt created by the devs threat of defects has had a very negative affect.

An update on devs thinking might be helpful.

Edited to add: pants not nerfs :smirk:


Yea I cant find any forged hammers anymore either. I think people are starting to hoard them until the change is announced

Please Nerf This

@rossstephens Why does Draining Boon Compound and Unstable Boon Compound use exactly the same mats in exactly the same quantity? This feels like a spot for improvement to get some unused mats more popular too.