Canceling a que'd craft item

I’m asking not cause I’m bothered but because I want to understand. Knowledge is power!
I went to craft 3 titanium grapples but accidentally selected chisels.
I noticed this and canceled within maybe 10 seconds of crafting.
I wasn’t sure if I got my mats back as I didn’t know how many I had :wink:
So, cause I’m a curious cat, I went to a second station with less quality items to ‘recreate’ the incident (lol) and noticed that the canceled mats went into the storage of the machine and not into my inventory. So, I scooped them up and trotted my sorry self back to the first machine and there were mats there. But, they were the lower qualities mats I made in the OTHER machine, not the higher tier mats that should have been returned to that machine.
So-first machine -higher tier mats…item canceled-did NOT check storage at that time.
Second machine-lower tier mats-item canceled-DID check storage
Back to first machine-checked storage, found lower tier mats in storage.
Kinda weird?
I thought through the options, like maybe not only did I make chisels, but I made a lower tier chisel on machine one. Possible I guess though I didn’t collect the lower tier alloy until doing the second test so in theory I couldn’t make it at that time.
Also, possible, I am 100% wrong about everything :)))))

I guess in the end I want to assure myself that if I opps on something big big, I’ll know what should happen.

it would probably help if you could say what items exactly were/are in your machine
lower/higher tier material doesn’t say much

The materials in the first machine were titanium alloy cotton cloth and enriched bonding agent
The materials in the second machine were gold alloy cotton cloth bonding agent.

I wasn’t 100% paying attention to the bonding agent but I found gold alloy in BOTH machines, where the alloy in one machine should have been titanium.

Although I’m curious as to what/if anything went wrong. I’m more curious if you can expect to get your mats returned if you cancel and in progress craft. I know you do if it’s que’d.

You get the items back
If machine storage is full they go to your inventory

No idea about if your inventory is full but I assume they fall on the ground

Thanks. I’m not going to worry about it then. I mean heck, for all I know I could have done any number of things wrong and am still doing wrong. It’s almost always user error, is it not :wink: I’m going to assume such in this case.
Am just happy to know that in the future that’s what will happen :))

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You missed the chance to use the word with most consecutive vowels in the English language! Queueing lol call me grammar nerd ik


I shall never get over the shame. :wink:

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