Cannot Mix Pigment?

I was testing Mixing Pigment. In Jiivita’s video on testing (again I know it was testing), you could mix pigments. He put in Red/Black and the system changed the output based on how much was in there.

here he used black/red to make dark red:

I tried to do this in live and I wasn’t able to make any new colors…I expected a color shift…but it wouldn’t work. I tried all 4 of the colors I have and none of them would mix to make anything but the 4 colors they have.

I have:

Weary Mustard
Ashen Toupe
Pale Sepia
Pale Tan

None of these would shift when mixed in any way. 1 of each. 2 of 1/2 of them…4 of one…one of each other…I couldn’t get any other output but those 4 colors.

Is pigment mixing a thing in live?

I think you’ve managed to pick 4 colours that just dont ‘have’ any colours inbetweem them really.

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Thanks for the post!! that makes sense!

Yup, it has to do with what you’re mixing a bit.

With a lot of the mutations I got from Silk Cherry goo, mixing a few of them together has often resulted in Silk Cherry… :stuck_out_tongue: Some of the stronger mutations have made me able to isolate other specific tones too however, like Dark Red and Hot Orange.

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