Cannot Remove Master Beacon [Resolved]

Ok, I am so frustrated with game I want to quit! I love boundless but I want to move to another world I like better. But for the life of me I can’t get the master control Beacon to go away! I’ve tried removing plots in different orders but I always end up with it saying “removing this plot would leave separated beacons”. The master Beacon control says I have 5 left to remove. And it won’t let me remove the Beacon until the plots are removed! So what do I do? I don’t like this world anymore and I’ve been fueling the Beacon so it will last for weeks! How do I get rid of it, please please help, I’m so frustrated!

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The most frequent culprit is plots under ground level, as you cant easily see them. Maybe give a location and if you’re lucky i can pop by before work / someone can come help find your missing plots

I’ve only laid them above ground… I havnt build down or a basement at all…

Omg! You were right! I walked around and found one underground!

Oh no i dont mean intentional, they sometimes slip in and its exactly because you didnt intend them that they can cause such a headache

It worked! Thank you so much for your help.


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