Can't check stats on Centraforge output or remove individual items from output

Not sure when this started happening, but just noticed it now. All items within the output’s smart stacks are greyed out and cannot be further clicked to either take or inspect them individually.

At any point, did you craft a certain quantity of items (e.g. you crafted four grapple tools and later five), or did you craft a smart stack of nine items all at once?

In the case of the grapples, I had forged 2, then 2, then 2. So a total of 3 pairs had been in that stack, one pair I had previously removed before the OP screenshots.

I should add to my bug report that since the queue (that was visible in the original screenshots as a (4)) finished, I can again inspect and remove individual items:

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I looked at this in game and it does appear that some of the items cannot be selected, regardless of whether I have forged less than 9 or a smart stack of 9, so this has been added to the bug database.