Can't find shop that sell the advanced coils for centraforge


Giving in and going to buy the coils for the centraforge. The cost of the gem and some of the ores I might need will be more than the cost of the coils,.

I have found coils for all the other machines, but not that one, the prices are in the range of 2,500 to 5k, won’t pay that high, can’t afford it.

Just made the coils for the workbench, have what I need for the refinery and compactor and bought the ones for the mixer.

Anyone have the coils, at a fair price under 3k, for the centraforge?


This guy sells em all when he’s stocked up. Highly recommend.


Man, glad footfall is being fixed.

3k for an advanced coil is a “reasonable price.”

They used to go for 9k, lol.


I have them currently in stock at my Lake shop


Sorissi Québec best Price :wink:


Lol I remember buying my first one at 15k


Thanks, will check them out. In the G. Mall, I bought some for 2,450 and a couple for 2500. There were some shops selling them for 2999c (why does that one coin make a difference) and another one for 3500 and one for 5500 coins.
Me, I’m glad the times of the outrageous prices are gone. I can remember looking at them and going impossible, how can anyone afford them?
Some stores still sell them at high prices. One shop that is in the Ultima Hub, has a huge store, prices are way too high. was selling rice for 100c. I sell it for 30c. Most shops in the G. Mall are selling them for that price, some more. That person needs to go out and compare prices, I don’t know how he/she can stay open.
Will look at the shops listed tomorrow. Had to stop playing as they are doing the updating tonight.


As someone who sells coils myself, I can say I generally price them a little big higher than average simply because I have limited time to gather materials needed to craft more, and even though prices are 500-1000c higher, I still don’t seem to have any issues selling.

And that one coin can mean the difference between people buying or not. Someone may look at 3000c and think “ew” but look at 2990c and think to themselves “this is a great deal”.


I know what you mean, hubby has done the “it’s less than 100 dollars” and when I look at the price it is $99.99. And I go with “add a penny, just one little ole penny and it is a hundred dollars, there is no less than 100 bucks”

That 100c can make a difference in if I can afford it; if I have only 2560 and you want 2600 I can’t buy it. So while I can understand that for some it costs more to make, I have to buy some items in what I make to sell at my shop, I still go with what is the lower cost or don’t sell it at all.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t sell, just that each shop owner, maker of a product has to make a decision on what they want to charge, and their location is a factor. I’m further away from the main street in the G. Mall so I get less players looking for a lower price, they will pay more tor the convenience of not having to look my shop up.


Lol we do the ##99 on higher priced items. My reasoning is if it didn’t work then every business ever wouldn’t be using it in the real world.


I figured out today that extra 1c just goes away in tax anyway, so everything I sell will be 49c 54c etc, even though I don’t buy the marketing bull haha


In the real world I feel the move has been away from .99 tatics as shoppers grow more savey and realise they are being subtly manipulated into thinking something is cheaper than it actually is and retailers realise insulting part of your customer base doesn’t make good business sense in the long term.

If I see one store with an item for 99.99 and next store has it for 100, I’ll always go to the second, but that’s just me being stubborn. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: forgot to plug my Lake shop… All adv. Coils in stock.



You lose the 1c on tax anyway, so i price at 99s to save the customer (slightly), cause i wouldnt see that extra 1c either way. Even if it is only 1c, better you keep it than give it to the tax man.


Yes hit up the coil king. Coils are cheap. Emerald is amethyst are the harder gem to mine so understandable they would cost a little more.

Advance coils back in the day would run 15k each. So you cant complain about 3-5k for coils now.


Picked up the ones I needed for the centraforge. Yeah, have them all ! ! Now have to get the green and purple yams and other at a farm for my cooking and baking. .