Can't seem to log in on my alt account [solved?]

When I try to run Boundless on my alt account, it launches from steam and shows me the splash screens and the loading circle
but right after that point, it says this:

normally it says Thokar logged in, but I could have sworn I used “alt-64” as the account name.

I’ve restarted steam and still get the same result.
this is on a mac and I’m not trying to double-log in on the same computer. I’m only running steam (and chrome to post this)

ok weird, I just tried again and it worked. I am back on my planet…
not sure what happened there!

Steam login servers have been acting up today.

it wasn’t affecting my main account though, logged in first try

I’m posting here just in case it is in fact an issue. But, I’m getting this now and it’s 6hrs after you had it, @ctrl-64 .

Hopefully it’s like, Evergreen said and a problem with Steam servers.

Ah, in the middle of typing this up and I give it one more click and… I’m logged in. I’ll leave this here anyway for the dev’s records or logs or whatever lol. :wink: