Can't use the emotes in the tab via clicking (I have Gleamclub)

As the title says I’m unable to click the emotes in the emotes tab in order to use them even though i clearly have Gleamclub, instead i have to go type them out to use them and this goes for all the emotes which really sucks. I’ve tried a number of ways of trying to fix this issue like restarting the game etc anything i can think of really but nothing works :slightly_frowning_face:

Are you on PS4 or PC?


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/dab /cancan /robot

dunno I’m PC I have never clicked anything (what emote tab do you mean? can’t say I know about it)

i had that issue for months where i would click an emote and it would not register i clicked it

but after the update today its fixed for me sorry You are having issues :hugs:

Here, in the chat window… :wink:

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oh my - its a very complicated way of getting to them :open_mouth:
didn’t even notice they were there - can’t imagine why would anyone use this way to activate them at all - aren’t they just a non-clickable list so players can learn what emotes are in game?

why not just type /command? is that working for you?

still, if the old ones can be done via that menu then it is a bug and the new ones hasn’t been linked to the chat properly

Yep, you’ve always been able to click on them. I use the /command too because it’s quicker for me. But I can understand why some others prefer the clicky clicky. :slight_smile:

And I just tested, clicking on the new ones work fine for me. Strange how they’re not working for DrCyanide.

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I use both ways too. I usually just type the command tho since I’m used to it in other games.

It’s faster for PS4 players without a keyboard to use the list.

yes, but we talk about PC here and my questions were aimed at that

of course, since the list of emotes is there then it should work, no matter how awkward it is in use

Well you did say why would anyone so I was saying why lol. Also when I’m on pc I still use that because I use a laptop connected to a monitor and sit away from it with a controller. I don’t have on of those fancy Bluetooth keyboards let alone a wired one.


Are you still having issues with this?

Yes i am

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Could you submit a game log just after selecting one of the Gleam Club emotes? That way, we can see if there’s any useful information to explain why it’s not working for you.

Not sure if it’s safe to pastebin those logs lol
Don’t see an IP or anything from a quick scan tho

Could be wrong, but I think he meant submit a game log from the menu in the game.
Also, it looks like you may be missing a few files. Have you verified your files via Steam?

Oh is that how I’m supposed to do it lol, honestly didn’t even remember that being a thing. Well i’ve done that now so hopefully you see it @vdragon

There is an issue where the UI will not accept a clicked input to trigger the emote. I’ve also experienced this. And then it’ll start working.

However, you can always enter the emote string as text: /robot

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Yeah I can do that but in most cases I prefer to be able to click the emotes I want to use as I can usually do that a lot faster. Hopefully though it starts working again for me soon :stuck_out_tongue: