Can't Warp to Close Planet

I’m ready to warp off of my starting planet and try out a rugged one, but it’s only letting me warp to two specific other ones. This one’s three blinksecs away, and it shows up as a huge planet and looks like it’d let me fire off my warp augment to go there:

This is one that’s only TWO blinksecs away, but it shows up as a speck and won’t let me set it as a warp destination. I’d be fine with getting a completely random location when I got there, but it won’t let me:

Here’s the planet that I actually WANT to warp to. It’s only six blinksecs away, which should be in range because its name is showing up in white and not in red, but it’s just showing up as a dot and not letting me warp there:

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to warp to Pheminorum and then warp from there to other worlds? Is this bugged?

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:


The warp augment will create a warp location in you places list. From that point you can either use warp conduits and open a portal to it or you can go to the sanctum and use the conduits there to open the warp up. Also there’s a skill that allows you to warp to further places. As I am at work right now I can’t comment on what distance you can warp to with no skill points in it.

But you could warp to the capital of your planet(also in the places tab) and use the portals they have there to start traveling to different planets or locations

ik that region! vespington chaos. next to wiedenburst chaos am i correct? travel west and you eventually will reach a portal hub (or near it) and possibly pass my settlement. that’ll make it easier to get to the planet you want. ik its a pain to not warp to alder. try the ps hub. sasquatchville is a good city. in the capital planet’s main hub theres a portal to raxxian sanctuary. a portal is in the sanctuary to sasquatchville. its a part of the game. you have to warp to sorrisi to warp to alder if you want to. hope you enjoyed my post!
edit: the capital city is a yellow mark on your map (the orange one is your home). please visit! sasquatchville is a good city. plenty of space inside. try meeting elsioui sometime soon!

I dont think either of you understood the OP:)
They’re asking why they cant warp to a planet thats 2 blinksecs away.

OP, not sure why, but that planet is apparently unreachable from your current one! If you can’t see the planet surface, you can’t warp to it (as you’ve already deduced yourself).

So you’re not doing anything wrong, you just can’t warp there from your current planet.

I’d have a look at the other suggestions in here to find portals in the capital :slight_smile:

have to warp to sorrisi to warp to alder. then you warp to kada I from alder and then from there you can finally warp to biitula!

Bummer that I can’t warp directly there. THANK YOU for the route, though. :smiley:

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know my way around! hope you settle by a large great city. like axon/iconicsville.