Cartography (Open beacons)

So here’s a fun idea, inspired by a conversation with @Apocalyptica and @Lycankind

As we were admiring the beautiful twisting mountains on Ruchs, I started thinking about topography and map-making and such. So here’s the idea:

Open beacons

**Open beacons** are player-determined, public-access areas of the world. They can be very large or very small, and **they do not prevent public building.** Instead of setting a center point with a radius, players can use the *[open beacon tool]* to connect points across the landscape.

But if anyone can build inside this beacon, what’s the point?

Naming rights.

Once you complete or "close" the beacon, you have the opportunity to name this area. With this capability, players can set **permanent, visible labels** for mountains, valleys, lakes, caves, rivers, settlements, cities, outposts – you name it!

Then, as players traverse the worlds and cross into these open-beaconed areas, small popups in the UI that tell them “now entering The Xewell Wasteland” or “Welcome to Apocalypse City.”

There can also be a directory of open beacons - something in the menus, or maybe an information stand in the middle of town, or a purchasable map item – where you can search the locations of open beacons. Then you say things like, “my build is 2 minutes west of the Antares Mountains on Lotad” or “let’s meet up at the Sunset Cliffs on Yugen.”

Obviously there’d have to be some blacklisted words or whatever, that’s easy; but imagine a minimap with player-driven location names on it!!

Edit: You could even define building names! "Welcome to @Havok40k's Tavern of the Setting Sun" pops up as players walk through the front door.

Would be cool when you have roleplayers but what happens when you get kids doing names like ‘Chloe has a Little Willy’ for a example

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Hmmmm, This is a rather interesting idea and I really like it, but I think it definitely needs to be refined a bit in case of abuse.

Perhaps this should be another topic entirely, but maybe at some point in the game we could have government positions on the worlds, with some players being elected to King/President whatever, but then they could delegate positions or even have other players elected as well.

The King and Cartographer for the World could be in charge of naming locations and have access to this ability.
I think this could be a really neat feature, but I would like to hear others opinions on it.

edit: I also understand the point of saying “b00n’s area is over the next mountain” but I wouldnt want areas that players use as signposts… build a road and make a signpost!

This is the beginnings of founding guild nations, and has the potential of epicness. This should really looked at in much greater detail as a potential feature. That being said, I don’t like how “open beacons” sounds. It could be confusing to other players if we have multiple types of beacons. Perhaps some other type of placed way point like obelisks or survey markers? Over all, excellent concept!

Edit: was discussing this concept with my gf and she suggested a few things to make this concept more feasible.

  1. beacon points must have a max range so you can’t make gigantic claims with only 1-2 group members.
  2. number of beacons is based on number of guild members.
  3. only guild members may build in this zone, and there is no terrain regen.