Casinos! Diversify the economy!

Maybe it’s the lack of coffee in my system, but just had a thought triggered from reading about the coin machine.

How about adding a gambling machine(s) to the game?

For instance, say players could craft slot machines(the forge kinda has a similar metric to it). Essentially the owner of the machine would add coin to the machine, assign the Jackpot amount, the line payouts, and the cost of each spin. Perhaps the owner can even assign a payout percentage on the machine that is visible to other players. On the coin management side the machine the Jack pot purse would retain its amount until its paid out. The line payouts would pull from a second purse. If this purse is depleted the machine is not useable until the machine owner adds enough coin to cover the payout structure. Any profits made from the could go into a separate “profit purse” or be assigned to the payout purse. I’m sure this part would require a lot of consideration.

On the player/customer side, they would essentially walk up to the machine, see jackpot payout, the payout structure, the assigned win percentage, and the cost of each roll. They would have no idea what or if anything has been payed out or even if the machine has even been used.

Didn’t want a word wall, so won’t go far into detail. But just enough to make a suggestion.


You would just need to add in a random roll command if you want players to start casinos lol they had them in WoW.

They had them in DAoC as well

I think it would be best for them to avoid the child gambling controversy


Bare in mind this game has an age rating of 7. I doubt any gambling type stuff, besides player created, will be allowed to be added.


Hence my suggestion of a random roll command lol

Don’t we already have a slot machine called the Centraforge?


Yeah, but what would be the jackpot on that?

We do have a Gambling Paste for a reason…

The jackpot is a tool without bad quirks. .

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Well that just depends on how much you want to bet ;). Bet me a few quirk transmutes and I think I could get one like that pretty well.

Man that sounds like a fun and creative way to diversify the economy, which we need a lot more of IMO. So would it really offend some oversight committee for kids to “play gamble?” I guess I am missing why this is wrong, seared conscience and all.

Yes, actually. lol

Maybe it washes out soon, idk. Just saying it might be best to avoid the stickiness with the FTC


Hmm we do have the centraforge…you could use 2 players sharing a forge to effectively make a slot machine!!! Boon 1, 3 spins, get x boon win a prize/coin! By jove we can do this!

I would love it personally, as much as I dislike when devs put actual real-money gambling mechanics like loot boxes in games, in-game casinos can be a ton of fun, and something to do with extra money, particularly if there are exclusive prizes. I know I have a weakness for it, so I like to avoid IRL slots and and stick to free ones in games. :wink:

However, keeping it 7+ with simulated gambling might be tricky. Even some old NES games had casinos, censors were much more strict on other stuff, but I think it has flipped a little bit now with the gambling stuff, people are a bit more sensitive to it maybe. Perhaps it could be gotten around with private planets when they come… maybe allow for a person to tag a private world 18+, where you have to agree you are to enter, and have separate options for those. Not sure if that would work, just a thought though.


See my post above we can make it happen with current centraforge mechanics lol Who wants to join me in making a centraforge casino?

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Yep, might be able to slip it by that way, but that is a close call on how close that would be to the look and function of an actual slot machine. Big grey area with simulated gambling in games of course… a lot of things are technically gambles that wouldn’t be flagged for it like the centraforge, the resemblance to any IRL casinos I think might be where it might start being an issue.

No actual craftable slot machine but repurposing existing game mechanics is free game. You could make all kinda of stuff using redstone in Minecraft lol.

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Hmm so centraforge casino. 3 tiers of payout, boon 1-3. Boon 3 games have the lowest payout while boon 1 has the highest. Player purchases the boon they want, the attendant startz the forge, the player starts the roll. 3 rolls, get a boon, get a payout. I will have to play with the idea to see about payout levels etc.

You could use different centraforges with different components for different wager amounts too. Different tools too have different boons with different chances too. You could set up a whole row of centraforges with different payouts. You’re going to need a lot of LEDs and an enclosed environment with no windows too…

This is going to happen, lets become the gambling barons of boundless! So much footfall from this to lol.