Caught meteor during dev hunt. Game crashed

Yup. I’ll upload the video if my console recovers lol. I watched it land on me as I wanted the trophy but its froze when it says 999999 damage haha

Hit so hard, that the game died. High impact :sunglasses:


You mean it landed on you? There should be a Steam Achievement/PS Trophy for that.

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That’s why I let it lol. Didnt get the trophy though because the game crashed

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Oh this is what you meant? @TheGamerfuls LOL i thought your game just crashed because of all the people doin meteor. Hahaha definitely gotta see that video

Updated OP to say I let it land on me haha. I’ll upload the video when i get home today

There actually IS a trophy for it? Darn it! I could have got that a few days ago but I ran out of the way! Doh! XD

I had a front row seat to your death lol. I missed it by like 30 blocks


We’re looking forward to seeing the video, but also to see if there were any other contributing factors towards the crash occurring.

Also, are you taking part in the next dev hunt?

Its rendering now :slight_smile:

Heres the video. The meteor part is around 15:15 ish. Threw it together real quick haha

At 8:10 you can see @Steggs101 struggle with the grapple :wink: (love you steggs)

At 7:00 you can see Steggs fall in a hole (gotta poke fun since you’re leaving! :slight_smile: )