Cave maps

so lots of people are talking about maps, but would you be able to make maps of caves? how would the programming for that work, exactly? the makers of minecraft wanted to do that, but it never really worked out, I assume because they couldn’t figure out how.

so what do you think? how can it be done? should it be done?

EDIT: what I meant when I posted this was not cave WORLDS but cave MAPS. like, maps you use to navigate your mines and stuff. sorry if I was unclear about that.

Been there done that, and it’s awesome. How, is to use noise functions attached to caves parameter, and max out cave thresholds.


I miss Kefford v1. Loved how weird it was!

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I miss it too. Even though I like Callaw. I realize looking back I went too far, and lost some of the magic. I already know where the next iteration is going. It will be a balance between Keford v1 and Callaw(v2). Once I can preview it locally I will fine tune it. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing v1 fired back up. That might give us some nice video for the updated trailer.