Centraforge Deck

Hey folks quick question, what would you consider essential ingredients to have in your deck when making a.o.e hammers?

I’m not having much luck, cheers.

in mine I have
-Special gum (for aoe, ovbs.)
-Longevity gum (for dura)
-effect gum (to counteract damage loss from aoe)
-trait reduction/expansion gum (to specify where I want boon points, explanation below)
-stabilization paste 2 and invigoration paste 2 (if I need/want more boon points and i am running out of stab. or vig.)
-fate paste 2 (if I want 1x3 aoe I need to have a very little amount of points so I use pure boon 1 and a fate paste to try and get points into aoe without going to level 2)
-pure boon 3 (for as many points as possible without defects or quirks)
-pure boon 1 (in case it rolls really low and i have lots of points left over, or if i want to get fewer points into aoe)

So more recently, my method has been to get longevity first and then damage, then I would use reduction gum and try to use up my boon point pool and then gum up some special aoe. If I don’t get it or if just enough points go in to get it to level 2 then i just set it. otherwise i put in a couple more reduction gums and hopefully nothing more goes into aoe. If at any point aoe gets to level 2 or more, I invigorate/stabilize and blast as much pure boon 3 as i can to try and get more points into aoe.

before this method i was trying to get aoe first and then load up with expansion gum but once you have points into all 3 boons then the expansion gum does nothing. I got defeated by RNG many times this way. very frustrating.
the RNG rolls feel like they were designed by Murphy. you know… the guy with those stupid laws.
if your boon pool is FULL, the slider will almost always land at 1%. I got stuck with no pure 1 and wasted 2 pure 3’s because of this just on one forge (of 6 tools)


See: This post:

Specifically this section below:

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Required for AOE (5 tiers) (you want tier 4) = 3x3
-Special Gum.
-Boon Compound (I like corrupted boon t1 with defect removal compound)

Effect Gum to add damage (10 tiers)
Longevity Gum to add Durability (10 tiers)

Boon removal/ boon transmute if you want specific traits.
Vigor Catalyst if you want to get fancy.

I STRONGLY suggest Fate Paste.