Centraforge efficiency


I did set up my forge with 12 coils and found that the efficiency depends on the number of those coils , so I went to craft some more. When applying around 18 (in total) I vaguely remember that the efficiency reached 200% and adding more coils did not increase that value even higher. Is it known, if there is a cap for the value (and if yes, WHY)?


24 coils is the max and is what you need for max efficiency on gem tools…


Yes, I know that 24 is the max (for installed coils). My question was, if it is possible that already around 18 coils provide the max efficiency and it may not be needed to have 24 coils (for the forge). I can deinstall a few coils and see if the efficiency has a non-linear curve…


Just to be precise: It is “Effectiveness” and not “Efficiency”. Sorry for the wrong wording.


And 24 coils are needed for max effectiveness which I mentioned…


Some tools will max out with 18 coils and if you are only forging those for now, then stick with 18 coils. However, at some point you will need 24 to max out effectiveness on certain gem tools, totems, and the rift/blink/umbris equipment.

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Sorry to insist on this. I just remove one coil after the other and checked the effectiveness after each coil taken:

  • I use a diamond heavy hammer, as this is my best tool I currently can create (no rift stuff).
  • Down to 18 coils I have 200% effectiveness
  • With 17 coils, effectiveness goes down to 194% and each following coils takes antother 6% away.
  • adding coils again, gets up to 200% for 18 coils and thats the max.

Perhaps the higher materials - which I do not have/own - really need the full set of coils…


Diamond has a high flexibility for gem tools, which allows for fewer coils.


There are many items you can get away with less than 24 coils. You want 24 coils to cover all items. If you don’t need/plan to forge items that require more coils then stopping at 18 is just fine.

For example even with 24 coils, max efficiency on a sapphire shovel is 197. As tynker said, diamond gives you a lot of flex.


Thank you all. To summarize: The is a Forge cap of 200% for the time being and currently I think this is OK.


Yea if you ever plan on going to higher level materials/totems then might as well max them out at 24 coils. But 200% is the max so if you can get that for what you need now you’re good


Yes. It’s actually documented somewhere I read recently while researching for the official wiki, but I can’t find the reference at the moment.

You can’t exceed a 200% buff on Effectiveness in the Centraforge from Power Coils but how many Power Coils it takes to reach that cap will depend on the Flexibility of the Item(s) in the Centraforge.


Okay, I know I sound dumb, but where do I find the effectiveness? I don’t right now have the extra coins to buy more coils. I have 17 on it right now. Do plan on putting to the 24, it is just going to take a bit.


For forging any material under gem, aka titanium ect, 17 coils will give you 200% effectiveness. Put an item in the forge and you will see the percentage in the gear, that is the effectiveness. Also I do not think anyone asked but do you have the specialized build needed for forging?


You can see the effectiveness score in the center of the circle in the top left of the forge screen. At the moment, I think the range is from 35 to 200 for a full 24 coils. Only rift/blink/umbris are at the extreme low end.


Totems as well :slight_smile:


Totems got buffed in the patch that introduced the coin machine.


Yep, didn’t start until I had it all maxed, had been buying coils and putting them on the centraforge but never used it. Spent my time collecting mats, reading posts, watching videos so I would know what to do, and got a bit confused in some areas, LOL.

Will now be able to buy the needed coils to bring it up to 24. I started a shop at the New Gouda Mall where I am selling forging mats. They will vary in what is sold due to what items I collects but yesterday I made over 12k coins so whoooohoooo I can buy the needed coils! I’m not only going to sell the paste, gums and such mats needed in the centraforge but some of the single items, such as some spicy beans when I have a lot, reactive lamella, or other items, they will vary.

Shop sign hasn’t been put up, but shameless plug it is slot B3 and will be called “Make Great Things”.


*Nova Golda Market…


Oppps! sorry, tired and just got up from little sleep. Thank you for correcting me so the name is right.

Sorry again.