Centraforge for blocks and resources

Not sure if anyone mentioned or thought of this but…
Could we perhaps discuss the ability to add certain ‘properties’ to blocktypes instead of just tools using the centraforge?

Adding / removing

  • Slippery / Sliding
  • Slowing / Increasing speed
  • Sound they make when walking on them (audio)
  • Colour toning
  • Harden / Soften (hp)
  • Healing / Damaging
    – edit
  • More or less luminous

Curious to hear your ideas… I for one don’t like the sound of metal when you walk on them. I get goosebumps. Would also like to make a pool of healing just to … dive into when I’ve been falling off cliffs again.


Sounds like a nice idea. Especially the healing effect is nice because it remembers me of the healing blocks whe had in early alpha ^^ … to be able to alter blocks seems cool, but my only concern is that this would come into conflict with the database a chunk is using (but may be a dev will prove me wrong here :wink: )

I love this idea!

really like the idea of speed increase and sound (would act as a doorbell when ppl enter)

Love it. With the exception that i would really love it as one more machine instead of extending centraforge. It has already enough usage and is useful enough.